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If you want to learn how I create a website with almost no start up cost and then turn that website into a huge profit machine you are in the right place. Even with almost no web experience I can show you how to create profitable mini sites with ease, yes really!

Welcome To InstantMiniSiteMoney

From the desk of: Chris Douthit

My customers know firsthand that I only produce the highest quality mini sites. It’s the key to my success and the secret to a steady flow of income that works around the clock, even when I sleep.

If you already know about me you probably don't care to read this sales copy as you already know your getting the highest quality mini site course out there. Just scroll down to the bottom of this page and reserve your limited copy of Instant Mini Site Money for free right now.

Still reading? If you still want to read about this mini site course don’t worry, I have included a detailed outline of why my mini site course is the best mini site course around and why I am giving it away for free so you can create a website.

Why Did I Make This Mini Site Course?

Whenever I release a new mini site I always receive emails from customers who are thrilled with the product, but more impotently they want to know how they can design and successful mini site that actually makes profit.  Yes Profit! Create website, then make profits.

Maybe you have already designed a mini site or two, or maybe it’s your first, it really does not matter.  I guarantee I can show you how to get the highest converting mini site even if you’re on a tight budget and a total newbie. I pride myself on making sure you have the lowest start up costs possible for creating your website.

My Course Gives You Tricks No Other Pro Even Touches On

Does my competition not know the full story or are they just trying to shade your eyes from the real secrets to building high-end mini sites that produce actual money. Frankly I don’t care, it’s probably a little of both.

The fact is most of the big time marketers today rarely actually design the course they sell themselves. They outsource whatever it is they are teaching for someone else to write, all they worry about is the marketing after the course has been completed. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with outsourcing, it presents a huge advantage to any business, including my own.

However, my actual products, in this case my Instant Mini Site Money video tutorials I write and design myself. I want to be absolutely sure you only receive the highest quality and my reputation above all stays intact! That’s why this mini site course was 100% designed by me Chris Douthit, not by a freelancer, my company Chris Douthit LLC, or anyone else. Its designed by me personally.

Produce Mini Sites That Make Money, But Also Brand Your Name

Let me show you how… the fact is anything is easy when you know how to do it. I show you everything you need to know from start to finish so you can have your own mini site business making you money within just a few days.

The best part is my course is 100% free, plus I show you how to get your mini site up and running at almost no cost to you. Sure you’re still going to have to buy hosting and some other small fees, but the bulk of your business I show you how to set up for free. How to get your payment processor account free, how to get security software free, how to get your mini site up and running at the absolute lowest cost to you.

Itís Fast - Itís Easy - Itís Free

My complete video tutorial walks you through the entire process, step by step, taking you by the hand and leading you down the road of online business success. Just image waking up each morning to see your bank account growing day after day.

I have already made all the rookie mistakes so you don’t have to. I have tested literally hundreds supporting products  “test after test – headache after headache”. I have done all the hard work so you don’t have to. Learn from my sweat and tears not your own.

No sense in doing trial and error testing yourself how to create a website. Users of my course skip right through to the success blueprint formula for making profitable mini sites within just a couple of days.

This is the only mini site package you will ever need to make money online. I cover literally every mini site technique to rack in the big daily profits.

Get Instant Mini Site Money FREE Now

This is an example of just one of my mini sites made me over $19,000 profit in just 14 days! Just image the life style you could live if you had 5 of these mini sites set up.

Is It Important To You?

The benefits of building a successful mini site business are literally life changing. Live the life you always wanted to, do whatever you want when you want.  I spent 6 weeks traveling around Europe last summer with only my laptop.

Trust me when I say anyone can do this… and the best part is you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get your first mini site up and running. However, you will need a little bit of time and dedication. After that creating website after website is easy.

Just put in 1 or 2 hours every night for a full week and by the end you will have a mini site up and running ready to start taking order. Then create website after website.

My training videos are unparalleled by any – I guarantee I break the bank on some well kept guru secrets…


How to select the right niche: Need a product to base your mini site around? I show you the exact blueprint for selecting profitable mini sites that rack in money each and every day.


How to pick a winning domain name:  I cover the basics from registration all the way to the secret methods of thinking ahead in order to score big points with the search engine.


How to entice your readers to buy: Want your customers to pull out their credit card and buy whatever it is you’re selling. Sprinkle my copy techniques throughout your sales letter and watch the orders start flowing in.


Don’t like to write copy yourself? Pick up the professionally designed sales copy at deep discounts only because you’re a customer of mine. Drop the name “Chris Douthit” and get the red carpet treatment.


Squeeze page techniques: How to create a website squeeze page to acquire results beyond your wildest expectations. My level list system builds upon itself to bring in huge email marketing profits.


SEO elements: Want free traffic? My search engine methods blow most out of the water. See how I got the number 1 spot out of 2.7 BILLION competing sites and have held the spot for over 3 years.


Tools, tools, and more tools: I show you the products you need to make your mini site creation a snap. Get for free what other mini site creators pay $200 for.  The best part is your free tool is better!


How to get your customers to spend the absolute most: Boost your income to the max, get your customers to purchase 2 or 3 times from you before they ever put their credit card away.


How to get other people to sell your product for you: Want an army of affiliates who will promote your product for you, I show you exactly how to get them.


The mistakes almost all rookies make: Never fear, I even made them too and it cost me thousands, but you don’t have to. 


Automate the whole mini site process: Once your set up your working on autopilot, learn how to make a mini site that essentially manages itself so you don’t have to lift a finger.


How to accept orders on your website within minutes  for FREE: Don’t pay every time you want to list a new product, let your competition do that.


How to structure a joint venture deal: Want to work with other mini site owners so both of you can make crazy profits from each other.


Knowing exactly where your converting traffic is coming from: No sense on wasting your advertising budget on traffic that does not convert. Track exactly where your sales come from and more importantly where they’re not coming from.


How to design your sales page: How to format your text, links and where to pick up professional graphics at bottom barrel prices.


Marketing your mini site: Sure building a mini site is one thing, but now you have to drive traffic to your mini site is another. I show you which marketing methods work, I mean really work today and into the future.


Don’t want to do any of this yourself? Well you don’t have to. I show you exactly where to get to get someone else to do this whole process for you and it’s not what you’re thinking.  Hire experts for pennies on the dollar, literally! I show you how.

  Plus a whole lot more...

Get Instant Mini Site Money FREE Now

Your Giving All This Info Out For Free? Whatís The Catch?

…well yes there is a catch and not just one, I mean I need to make sure this mini site course is 100% the best course on the market before I put a price tag on it and your feedback is important. However I also have other motives, I mean to say I'm swinging a double edge sword.

First, I am giving you my course for FREE because I want you to trust me, my products and my recommendations. I have one of the highest reputations on the Net for helping my customers achieve success and I plan on keeping my reputation intact. I only advocate the highest quality products and services to my customers. Giving you this create website course for free is one sure fire way for you to trust me, my products and my recommendations. You will know firsthand the kind of quality I deliver; if it comes from my desk you know it’s good.

Second, I want you to become wildly successful. Sure, not everyone who watches my video tutorial will have the dedication to make it all happen. I show you how to build successful mini sites, but it’s up to you to take it from there. The ones that do follow my material and become massively successful will one day be my joint venture partners.

The way I see it the more success you have the more success I will have.   So get to work and in a few months when your raking in the big bucks be sure to send me an email and fill me in on your success. Believe me I get one every couple of weeks… are you next?

This Will Work For Anyone, Even You!

Yes this creating a website course work for you. You are exactly the student I had in mind when I was writing this course. My step by step tutorial gives you the exact road map to a successful mini site business.

With my creating a website course you can move at your own pace, big steps or little steps, just make sure you keep stepping and making progress.

So you’re super lazy? Well, that’s not good, but don’t worry, I have a solution for you as well. Of course it’s going to cost more, but I still show you how to get the mini site done for pennies on the dollar getting someone else to do almost the whole thing for you.

Even Though This Videos Are Free I Still Support Them

All my customers know my support is the fastest in the industry. In almost all cases you will get a response from me within an hour or two even on the weekends. Yes that’s right, we might not all work on the weekends, but some of us do. Nothing is more frustrating than asking a question Friday night and having to wait until Monday for your answer.

You need help, I am here for you. Remember I want you to succeed; I now have a vested interest in your success.

I had no help when I first started my first mini site. If I could go back to 2002 and give myself this course it would be like an absolute dream come true.

… don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

What Other People Are Saying About Instant Mini Site Money


"I know I have the complete blue print to mini site success"

"Chris you have done it again, but why in the world are you giving this create website course out for free? Hey I am not complaining. Your video approach to teaching is got to be one of the best I have ever seen. Did you use to be a teacher in your paste life?

I have to admit I was a little scared to jump into my first mini site before watching your videos. Now I cannot believe how easy it is, of course it's easy if you know what you’re doing.  I know I have the complete blue print to mini site success.  I appreciate all the tips and tricks, especially how to get almost everything I need for a successful mini site for free!

Bree Sthelon
Kansas City, Missouri


"The step by step blue print was perfect for me"

"Instant Mini Site Money helped me get my first mini site up and running in as little as a week. The step by step blue print was perfect for me as I knew nothing about making a website until watching this course.

Thank you Chris, giving me this course for free was a very nice thing to do. You ever need a favor I am your guy!

By the way, I am totally bran new to this, I spent a total of about $180 to get my site up and running along with about 20 hours total work. I could have spent less, but wanted to be sure I did everything right. The good news is I have made $400 this month. That’s $220 profit, the good news is next month it’s going to be all profit and hopefully more. I would recommend your create website course to anyone!"

Keith Berkes
Los Angeles, California


"Your video tutorial course is so much easier to follow than an ebook"

"Chris, your correct, your creating a website video tutorial is so much easier to follow than an ebook. I was able to watch all your videos in two nights.  An ebook would have taken me several days to get through, and then probably would have given up before I made it.

This course is packed full of valuable info that takes you through the complete process of starting your first mini site. I especially liked the part about hiring people to do this process completely for you. Hey, I still plan to make the first couple myself, but after that I will be outsourcing."

Zack Shavers
Rush, Kentucky


"Your course is fresh, informative, and easy to follow"

Chris, the best thing about your mini site course is that it’s not the same load of bull all the other marketers seem to be pushing these days. Your course is fresh, informative, and easy to follow. 

I am looking forward to making my first mini site and when I do you will be the first to know about it! Thanks again Chris, I have learned a lot of great stuff from watching your free mini site course."

Teresa Walch
Lewes, Delaware


"Everything from A to Z was covered in your course"

"Ok this product could not of been more of what I was looking for. I know nothing about HTML or websites or anything like that and I am just finishing my first mini site right now. 

Chris I could not have done it without you. Everything from A to Z was covered in your creating a website course. Believe me I now know the formula for success and could not have done it without Instant Mini Site Money.

By the way Chris, you now have a customer for life. I also just bought your article marketing course and although I just started it so far it I can see it’s of equal high quality.  Great work!

David Fordinal
Sulphur Springs, Texas

How Long Do I Have To Decide?

I am not going to be accepting FREE registration forever, once I have enough beta testers in my queue for this creating a website tutorial the free membership will be no more. This is a limited time offer so make sure you jump on board while you still can.

Remember I reveal absolutely everything I know about making profitable mini sites. The same tools and strategies I use to make thousands of dollars each and every month can now be yours just by clicking the sign up link below.

Others may give you a free course with only half the story, you then have to buy the upgraded package to get the full access. Then you find out it’s still only half the story you get with my free beta course.

Let me be blunt, click the link below and sign up to my FREE mini site course and get the real full story to building successful mini sites.

Take action now, as soon as I have enough beta testers the free price tag is lifted and the price sores back up.

Show Me How To Create A Website That Makes Profit
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I Understand I Now Get It All For $97 Only FREE

Secure your free copy today and thank me later.

To your Internet success!
Chris Douthit

P.S. Remember, I am only giving away this mini site course for free for a limited time, once the beta testing is complete the price moves back up to standard price. Just click the access link above and get instant free access right now.

P.P.S. Secure your creating a website video course today and get free upgrades for life. Due to the fast evolving nature of our marketing tools and media's I make it a point that all of my instruction videos and learning material are always up to date and true at the time of their publication. If things should ever change and content be updated to a new version you will always be notified by priority and receive free updates for life.